Services Provided By Settling Abroad Services Pvt. Ltd. Mohali.

Settling Abroad Services does not abandon you, when you reach your destination, but stands along like a pillar of strength to arrange everything in an efficient manner. In a new place, you require several things to be organized and we take care of them, thereby ensuring a smooth transition. Our post landing services include

  • Direct Admission in Government and Community Colleges and Universities.
  • File preparation assistance Provided by Ex- Visa officers.
  • SOP guideline will be provided by content Writer.
  • Air port pickup.
  • Accommodation help.
  • Part time job assistance.
  • Assistance regarding any Legal problem during your stay.
  • Local bank Account.
  • Local area tour.
  • Sim card and Calling card.

We know the obstacles one faces when one moves to a new place and believe in walking along to guide and assist for a safe and smooth transition. Our job doesn’t end at your arrival in the new country, but only after you settle down and become familiar with the new environment is when we feel satisfied and content.